Fitness for your garden

The need for health and fitness in society

Many of us have gardens; some use them for storage, others use them for presentation, and some, just myself, use them for fitness. Now I understand that this might seem a little of a stretch to connect your garden with fitness, but its so important these days to maintain and achieve decent health standards.

So how can we do this? Well, I suggest using your garden space for a DIY gym. I’m talking old school style. Think barbells, squats racks, free wrights, that sort of thing. When the sun is shining then get yourself out there and get ¬†great workout in! Why pay to go to someone else’s gym, full of judgmental people, when you could have complete privacy and workout without anyone staring at you or generally making you feel uncomfortable.

Good nutrition is a must

So this can be a little controversial, mixing powders into your diet might not seem like a good idea. But it is. When you’re working out, you need to be taking in around 500g of protein every single day. Thats around 30-40% of your daily calorie intake. Sounds a lot right? So how can one get so much protein every day? It would sure take a lot of chicken and fish to reach that level. So whats the alternative?

Protein powders and supplements. Yes you heard right. Its so much easier to reach your require levels when you use supplements. What are best brands? Well, there are many options, I would suggest going for JST Jodie. This Jodie Marsh’s supplement brand and I can say its pretty great! Heres their Facebook page.

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