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How is oil extracted from tar sands?

Tar sands mining in Fort McMurray, Alberta. (Source: iStock, Credit: Dan Barnes Photography) Oil sands (or tar sands as they are sometimes inaccurately referred to) represent a vast resource of recoverable oil1. Vast…
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Tar sands oil extraction: how much oil does it produce?

Few oil production methods are as controversial as oil sands extraction. Not only is it very expensive but it also causes enormous environmental harm1. Despite these impacts, millions of barrels of oil continue to be produced around…
Oil Sands

Can the CO2 Created by Mining Oil Sands Be Captured?

Canada has the world’s third-largest proven oil reserves in the world. Its oil is the reason why Canada is the only G7 country to increase its greenhouse gas emissions since the Paris Agreement.1 So, why should Canada stop mining oil sands? Environmentalists say that Canada must transition to clean energy to cut its emissions and play its part in stopping climate change.2 ‌But, oil sands…
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